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Knowing the past helps to better understand the present and plan successful actions for the future. For this reason, we offer you a free analysis of your investment portfolio, evaluating the selection, strategy and effectiveness of each instrument, reporting its strengths and any critical issues.

At the end of the survey we will present you with a complete and independent report, which will help you understand the quality of your investments and the direction they are taking. If you want, you can discuss with a consultant dedicated to you the planning of a path in line with your ambitions.

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The steps we follow in analysing your portfolio


Analysis of the type of assets in the portfolio.


Evaluation of the correlation index of financial instruments.


Evaluation of the individual instrument with respect to competitors.


Evaluation of geographical currency diversification.


Calculation of annualised volatility with different timings.


Calculation of past portfolio performance and volatility.


Stress tests to check your ability to withstand the risk.


Analysis of seasonality.

How to request a check-up of your investments

Collect and submit documents

Give us the necessary documentation to evaluate your portfolio through the practical online form: just a few clicks away.

Wait for the analysis of our technicians

We thoroughly study all the assets invested, so that we can offer you a clear and complete view of your situation.

Receive and discuss the final report

Ask for everything you need, take advantage of the skills of our experts, develop a conscious investment path.

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Free professional analysis for portfolios over 100,000 euros
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Asset Management Statement

Third party unit linked insurance policy statement

Stock Dossier Statement

List of ISIN codes and their weights in the portfolio

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A customised, live and online consultancy, a transparent, innovative and independent strategy.
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